We’re revisiting why we don’t accept investments after noticing several questions from readers online

Dear friends,

Over the years there have been a dizzying number of requests from people; businesses, and those alike to invest in our ventures online. However, we have made this clear several times we do not accept investments of any kind, especially from businesses or corporate individuals.

At one point we had a number of investors who managed to obtain the personal mobile numbers of several of our top columnists including SHK themselves attempting to get them to agree to investments or secure meetings with them. This is unacceptable and is highly frowned upon. Not only will we look at you sideways for this we will blacklist you and your business from ever doing business with our network.

We will not tolerate those who go around our policies in an effort to land in the same room as SHK. We see this all the time and we cannot stress this enough ….. don’t do it. It was their decision to stop attending events and this should be respected. As a reminder this goes for the magazine itself also.

Contrary to popular belief, SHK does not have a large involvement in day to day operations of any of the daily operations here. They retain their seat as chief executive but are only involved when required.

Readers can donate to our ventures like many other magazines by using the fancy button in the top corner that brings up a special menu where you’ll find the support page; trending articles from our good pals who run the American version of this outlet, and other stuff we may add in there as we continue to advance our magazine into the next stage of its life cycle.

The reason we do not accept corporate donations of any kind is because of a 2009 agreement we all made with each other. We agreed long ago that corporate donations (including those we later find out came from corporate heads but were passed off as singular donations) would be banned if this magazine took flight (at that time the earlier version of Bazaar Daily then called Fashion Bzaar…*memories*.)

And it most definitely did. This magazine has largely afforded many of us the opportunity to work from home and for ourselves and we have done so since roughly the noughties. As a result of this, we have never had an interest in corporate donations because we’ve been around a while guys gals and folks. We’ve seen some things in the world and many of those things have equally terrified us and shown us that the world is not as kind as it is passed off as. This is actually what forms the basis of our editorial policy. And frankly, some of those things we did not know existed until we rose the ranks. By terrifying we don’t mean particularly scary we simply mean that there are allot more cruel things going on in the world than many understand. We report the news and follow the stories and then present them back to the public as real people. We want people to see the world for what it is and how we as people may be able to fix it if we work together. Many people have often described our reporting as ‘if person A was sharing a latte with one of their reporters casually on a Thursday afternoon.’ The last thing we want is to accept an investment from someone who otherwise is a villain or may jeopardize the very idea that brought Bazaar Daily to life, to begin with.

Our readers and community coupled with advertisements and social media stuff have been more than enough over the years. It just would not make sense to accept investments apart from the morality of it all.

Note: Prior to formal monetisation, we have always owned other businesses. We also own and operate pet and homeware stores. We do not sell consumer data or the typical measures magazines may use to make money.

The 2009 agreement was made permanent two years ago after we agreed to monetise our network. We monetised it in a way, however, that was firstly respectful to our audience without outside influence. But we still managed to monetise it in a way that made sense for us and was still beneficial as the executives behind this magazine and now many others (we own magazines both big and small in a number of places many just don’t realize that we may be associated with other newspapers or magazines because we prefer to live relatively private lives and often request our names and photographs be removed from any websites or associated PR releases.)

We monetised it with advertisements because unlike some of our peers we aren’t selling your data. Our community is and has been since day one off limits to the public. Nobody other than SHK and we the executive committee has the encryption key required to access this information.

Event appearances

This is a common question or query we get almost weekly. Firstly, we love events and fun parties like anyone else. However, there are a few things people should remember particularly organizers.

  1. A 2011 agreement between the executive board of this magazine grants event appearances by columnists and those involved under circumstances provided by Bazaar Daily.
  2. Our folks are not permitted to walk the red carpet. This is not because of anything sinister, it is because we’ve grown this news magazine to heights that even we did not think would happen. This has at times placed a number of our folks in situations that they’d rather not be in whether it is simply by being associated with us or other. So for their safety red carpet appearances are not allowed because we have had our fair share of amusing people; stalkers, and the like throughout time.
  3. Nobody other than SHK themselves can book or agree for SHK to make an appearance anywhere. Their appearances are very rare and this is by personal decision. We have no control over this and respect their decision to largely remain out of the spotlight.
  4. We do not at any time make appearances in support of religious organizations this includes our own religion Muslim. This is because like corporate donations we do not want outside or third parties to think in any way that we can be influenced or bought. Because we cannot.
  5. And lastly, we are people who are professionally paid to know things. This means that we do not associate with potential biz partners; event organizers, or the like that we have not thoroughly researched. If you know you; your associates (etc) are bad actors or ‘villains’ please don’t waste your time.

All in all, we’d like people to remember that we are ordinary people just like everyone else. We were not people that started this simply to chase fame, as we’ve talked about before, much of this magazine and the associated ventures that come with it were created in an effort to secure our futures.


Bazaar Daily Collective

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