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Shocking allegations of state sponsored assassination attempts on Julian Assange surface against the U.S: Reports

U.S officials are once again finding themselves on the receiving end of their own bad behavior. According to a truth bomb in Yahoo News, U.S officials during the height of the Wikileaks scandal allegedly attempted to plot an assassination attempt on the life of Julian Assange. Assange, for those who may not know, was the mastermind behind the leak that exposed some of most treacherous behaviour at the hands of the U.S government.

In the same report, it is revealed that the American government ordered its CIA to classify Wikileaks as a non-state intelligence service which in turn was used to attempt to justify its attempted actions. Former Trump Administration official Mike Pompeo is understood to habve helped spearhead the plot and attempt during the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Trump, of course, recently denied that his administration had ever considered such a plot but the evidence is quite compelling. One of the many proposals around the plot surfaced in 2017 when the Americans had plotted to essentially shoot down Assange ‘s plane and then cover it up. A series of interviews in Yahoo News confirmed the allegations taht American spies were essentially going to murder Assange mid flight had he successfully escaped London at the time for Russia. That year it is widely understood that Assange himself had plotted to leave for Russia but the Americans weren’t far behind and had been violating UK intelligence standards by monitoring him.

Fast forward several months into the fall of that year, government officials in the United States had first began rushing charges into the court system against Assange. Though they had temporarily slowed down at one point out of fear that their assassination plot would be derailed or not be entirely successful.

Allot of the ire under that particular administration reportedly came from the existence of what is known as Vault 7. Vault 7 is what appears to be yet another service offered by Wikileaks that informs people of wrongdoing at the hands of government officials among other things.

Their problems further worsened when they couldn’t pin the blame on Russia allegedly having conspired with Wikileaks to “overthrow the American system.” The Kremlin of course at the time actually flatly denied the accusation and there wasn’t ever any substantial proof to back up the extraordinary claim. At a previous, CSIS event, Mike Pompeo reiterated that during the Trump Administration they firmly believed Wikileaks was a non-state intelligence service assisting foreign powers like Russia.

We had all sorts of reasons to believe he was contemplating getting the hell out of there,’ a former senior administration official told Yahoo News. ‘It was going to be like a prison break movie.’

But it does get pretty dark from here.

The same news report along with dozens of former government officials revealed that the Americans had tried to use a process called “rendition” in an effort to abduct Assange. According to what we could learn from intelligence experts, “rendition” simply means that they would’ve taken Assange to a third country before having him returned to the U.S under the guise of the night essentially.

‘There was a discussion with the Brits about turning the other cheek or looking the other way when a team of guys went inside and did a rendition,’ a former senior counterintelligence official told Yahoo News. ‘But the British said, ‘No way, you’re not doing that on our territory, that ain’t happening.’

UK officials absolutely were against the idea due to the sheer backlash that would have immediately followed.

As an American citizen, I find it absolutely outrageous that our government would be contemplating kidnapping or assassinating somebody without any judicial process simply because he had published truthful information,’ Barry Pollack, Assange’s U.S. lawyer, told Yahoo News.

‘My hope and expectation is that the U.K. courts will consider this information and it will further bolster its decision not to extradite to the U.S.,’ Pollack added.

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