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Theranos is back on trial again and this time the details are even juicier than the last. In this week’s update in the criminal fraud trial against Elizabeth Holmes, a former product manager who was employed between 2011 and 2014 testified that she knowingly provided false statements to investors.

Statements he says were also included in an alleged Powerpoint Presentation that was littered with claims that staff knew to be greatly exaggerated. According to several reports, despite staff knowing such and Holmes being asked to review those claims the request was swiftly denied numerous times. It is one of many allegations against Holmes who would go on to be named the youngest female billionaire ever, though, that also came out to be untrue after her scam unravelled.

Daniel Edlin was employed by the company from 2011 to 2016.

The faulty presentations reportedly used intentionally deceptive words; phrases, and statistical claims that Holmes had previously been warned against but repeatedly approved the slides anyway. At one point, Murdoch is understood to have invested more than $120m in the company only for Holmes’ lies to be exposed by Murdoch’s own Wall Street Journal.

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