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Truth is the pandemic has brought on a crime wave that I’ve never seen in my lifetime. I’ve lived in various cities and even countries; different neighborhoods and those in between but I have never seen it at times this bad. The onset of the pandemic finally pushed me to secure my home a little better with the help of Citizen (a neighborhood watch like app) and that of a Ring doorbell. I live in SoCal.

Myself and my girlfriend live together but often find that all types of stragglers and the like wander through the halls of our complex at all hours of the night. A couple of months ago as home restrictions took place, a man broke into the apartment next door only to use it as means to attempt to spy on a young woman that lived across the breezeway. He was apparently using the window was means to peep through the shades when hers were open for reasons that are still unclear even to this very moment.

But then it got progressively worse. I’ve seen at least 7 carjackings in the parking lot (I live in regular ass Los Angeles not necessarily in a bad neighborhood.) I’ve seen two apartments get robbed; one woman had her wallet stolen from her car, another was robbed of her groceries; her wallet, her phone, and oddly enough her shoes.

At some point, I had to admit to myself that in the midst of trying to decide whether or not we’d eventually start a family that maybe a little home security was needed. I was hesitant at first because Ring is rather expensive but at the same time I haven’t regretted it since. I love the fact that no matter where I seem to be my phone will ring at any time if someone has buzzed my/our doorbell.

Ring is an app on your phone that allows you to connect to and view live your doorbell as it is happening. Truthfully I think it is something most people should have especially if they’re single and live alone. 3 months into getting our Ring device it actually captured a violent assault in the hallway in which we were able to help the individual turn over proof to the cops.

You can visit here for more information and how to get your own Ring product.

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