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2 more folks appear to have dramatically beat HIV in a sensational turn in the fight against the virus. According to researchers, a man in his 60 ‘s and a woman in her 70 ‘s are the latest folks to seemingly see their bodies fend off the virus after stem cell transplants. The man saw the virus all but disappear from his body way back in 2021 following the treatment when doctors couldn’t trace it any longer.

The stem cell transplant in question is in fact a very rare one that is still being studied. It is understood to block the HIV infection and has had success in a number of people so far. On the other side of the world in Spain, the woman in her 70’s, has the virus dormant in some cells but no where in others. In her story the virus isn’t replicating and levels of what remains are dropping.

Unfortunately as it stands right now the transplant in question can’t be used on everybody and is largely out of reach for many as it is believed to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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