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Domestic terrorists that often don’t get identified or photo’d because well let’s keep it frank quite a few reasons. Anthony Quinn Warner as he has been identified by numerous outlets has been pretty much called anything except what he should be: a domestic terrorist. Whether outlets are stopping themselves from identifying him entirely out of respect to prevent copycat attacks is one thing.

But this has become all too common. When white men particularly commit major crimes; terror threats, actual terror attacks, they’re almost never identified with their rightfully earned new title. One might remember how one Dylan Roof, also a domestic terrorist, was notoriously walked into his arrest and then to Burger King before being taken to jail.

You’d be hard pressed to actually find media outlets calling Warner as he should have been called along with his actual photograph. In a sense, I get the idea that some don’t want to add publicity to the whole terrorist thing — but on the other side of the coin we’ve seen this time and time again. We’ve also seen how when crimes are committed by a Black person whether small or large — their entire lives; identity, and something they did 24 years ago in elementary school suddenly becomes headline fodder.

The landscape of media has to change. Media outlets cannot continue to pacify white men and their crimes meanwhile continuously vilifying Black people for the same or lesser things (including Black teenagers and those that have died at no fault of their own.)

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