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Editors Note: For the safety of this patient we have redacted their name and the name of any named medical facility that was in their original editorial piece. Due to Tx ‘s strict anti-abortion law we at no time will be disclosing the identity of the author of this article and for purposes of this article she will be identified as “Patient X.”

Since Tx ‘s adoption of the widely criticized abortion law it now has on the books Tx is quickly learning just how bad of a law it truly is. I am one of probably many women by now that at some point recently have either miscarried or attempted to gain access to abortion services. I live in an area where religion runs deep, in fact, you could think of it almost like second nature in this part of Texas.

It also played a part in me almost getting arrested over the fact that I turned up at a local clinic about three weeks ago only to learn that they were turning away women who needed such services even if they were coming in for miscarriage services (or something similar) and to get properly checked out. I too was turned away and told that I would have to go elsewhere because their establishment no longer performed such services in the name of “God” and the so-called anti-abortion law. The clinic nurse informed me that they weren’t able to help me with my issues because what TX officials aren’t stopping to think about is the fact that services for these things are often performed the same way abortions are.

My baby did not survive. But they didn’t care though. They were still going to try and report me to the authorities for seeking medical help about something far out of my control.

The nurse threatened to report me to the state for seeking such services so as common sense suggests I vacated the premises before any such thing actually happened. I was not alone though. I’ll never forget how many women were in that clinic in a last ditch effort to get things done for themselves only to learn that they were also turned away. One woman started bleeding on the way back to her car and had to be transported by paramedics to a nearby hospital. Deep down I truly hope she made it and is OK.

I was denied access to these things and landed in the hospital except I had no choice but to go to a hospital in a nearby state. I knew because I had an ectopic pregnancy that was a high risk to myself and then I had lost the baby on top of that and had started to bleed again after having been turned away. They did not care.

I urge women no matter how old they are to get out of Texas while they can. It will only get much worse from here. We are second class citizens to the GOP and Greg Abbott. We are nothing to these inhumane bastards. It is the 18th and 19th century all over again.

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