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Russia and its propaganda machine that have willfully indoctrinated many of its citizens (not all) must bee held to account. In a new interview with the Washington Post, President Zelenskyy has made the extraordinary request that western countries seal their borders from allowing Russians entry. While woefully dramatic the request isn’t as far fetched as many probably think.

Putin thrives on propaganda and allowing that propaganda to spread which is something that the west must stop. Many Americans (not all keep that in mind) are gleefully in tow with Putin despite many efforts to show others that Putin is a warmonger living side-by-side with his misinformation campaign. The world is being deceived by Putin and the only way to stop him is to hit him where it hurts — by sealing off the world once and for all until Putin comes to the table.

If Russia further attempts to impose its way of life and rules on others including those in Ukraine then Russians have no right to freely enter the rest of the world without consequence.

“Whichever kind of Russian … make them go to Russia,” Zelensky told the Post. “Don’t you want this isolation?” he asked, as though addressing Russians directly. “You’re telling the whole world that it must live by your rules. Then go and live there. This is the only way to influence Putin.”

The wild interview comes against the backdrop of phony referendums on behalf of Russia seeking to further annex Ukraine. These referendums in various parts of the war torn country are set to take place next month despite likely no country actually recongizing them.

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