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The stunning yet mysterious story of D.B Cooper and the case that was never solved

D.B Cooper is a nickname given to an unidentified man that by all accounts remains history ‘s smartest criminal. HBO Max recently unveiled a documentary on the hijacking that occurred at the hands of the mystery man — a hijacking and a case that remains the only unsolved case of air piracy ever. It is unknown whether D.B Cooper survived or if he did when he famously parachuted out of a Boeing plane and was never seen again.

There has long been some questionable things floating around D.B ranging from the identity of the suspects to the factt that nobody knows who actually committed the crime. Notably, as witnessed in the documentary, one of the suspects may have been a man who was born a woman and may have had a sex change in order to pull off the crime.

On 24 November 1971 — armed with a reported bomb; dynamite looking things, parachutes, and a desire for $200k the man set out on a horrifying mission. Northwest Flight 305 in fact would goo on to become the focal point of a hijacking case that would go on to be investigated for more than 50 years.

The interesting part about HBO Max ‘s Who is D.B Cooper is t he fact that it alike many others dives into the story but this one appears too dive deep. Because the FBI was never able to confirm that he/she actually died in the daring criminal jump — some believe that (“D.B Cooper”) could be walking around today and we don’t even know it.

One missing element of the story thought is a long discussed but not prominently featured theory by the FBI. That theory is that Cooper did not survive the jump because he did not recognise a training parachute and accidentally used it instead off the other one present. Having also worn a trench coat and loafers; did so during a storm, along with fairly high winds — it is a startling mystery as to whether or not he survived.

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