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Our weekend streaming guide is here and it is spicy

Every weekend we’ve got a streaming guide for you guys but this week isn’t quite kid appropriate this one’s for the adults. Due to the snowstorm along the East Coast — the vibes have been snacks; texting, and Netflix movies galore.

  1. The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in The Window.

Okay we’re not sure why the title is five miles long but this one is pretty funny. Kristen Bell stars as the super sleuthing neighbour after a very attractive man moves in across the street. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to rate this one not appropriate for those under the age of 13 or so. (“Anna”) follows her instinct and her drool worthy attraction to the man with the accent only to assume she’s witnessed a murder she didn’t realize and had forgotten about.

2. Gilded Age (Hulu)

If you watched Downtown Abbey this one’s in fact very much for you. Gilded Age is as you might’ve guessed about life in said Gilded Age and all the glamorous glory that came with it. It’s almost like a sequel to Downtown Abbey almost except a bit more scandalous than the last time.

3. In From The Cold

Okay this one might be a perfect one to watch with your lady friend or your husband (depending on whose reading this.) An ex Russian spy must navigate her way through life; battle, and a bevy of secrets to find her way to safety before she ends up dead. The plot twist in this one is that she is actually an American woman doubling as a Russian spy.

Rating: TBD

4. Big Sky

This one is one of our favourites. Big Sky is about a group of female oriented private investigators and cops tasked with solving a series of crimes in a very small town. One of those crimes involves an alleged criminal ring that involves the local state troopers in the area that they know nothing about.

This show unfortunately we’d have to rate it PG-13 not suitable all audiences.

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