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Week(end) Newsy Letter: Lentz begone; Trump ‘s concession, and more as a wild week comes to a close

This is your weekend newsletter. And in this newsletter we might get a little scandalous, so hang on for the ride. Presented by Purple Crown Entertainment, this newsletter comes to you every Sunday to wrap up an eventful weekend (at least as of late.)


Quack influencer turned pastor Carl Lentz has been fired from Hillsong Church after revelations that he had been banging a woman that wasn’t his wife. Lentz was canned after church officials deemed that he had been morally irresponsible and such was enough to trigger most folks to think he was a bad image for the popular church. Hillsong Church for those that don’t know had long been a celeb hotspot — including Vanessa Hudgens; Justin Bieber and several others.

  • Donald Trump has conceded (almost) the election. In a Twitter storm over the weekend, the outgoing U.S President appeared to confirm that Joe Biden won but in typical fashion Trump affirmed “only because it was rigged.”
  • A federal judge in Michigan has found that the Trump campaign ‘s claims of voter fraud in the state are baseless and not credible at all. The case has been thrown out.
  • Cuomo ‘s very confusing comments on COVID-19 vaccines are making headlines again. Previously, Cuomo has publicly stated that he himself would withhold any Coronavirus vaccine until NYS officials and doctors would verify its authenticity. Fast forward several weeks, Cuomo and Trump are now duking it out amid claims from Trump that New Yorkers will be left out of vaccine distribution(s). Cuomo has promised swift legal action.
  • Billionaire Elon Musk is believed to have COVID-19. After a series of tests, two that showed negative and two that said positive many believe Musk may just have a mild case of the novel virus. Not much else is known at this time.
  • The cancer charity set up by Joe Biden and his family is in hot water this weekend. Reports revealed that the charity has paid millions to salaries and such — however next to nothing towards actual research and such in the fight against cancer. Biden ‘s team or family has not publicly responded to the claims.
  • After initially denying that there was foul play, cops in Loreauville Lousiana are now treating the death of Qawan Charles, 15, as a homicide. Charles as we previously reported this week was found violently mutilitated and his lip were torn off in a sugar cane field in the area. Cops initially claimed he had drowned.

Stay tuned for Monday ‘s newsletter.

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