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 Here’s all we know about the latest on Clinton’s emails 

Late last night we were among the first to report that the FBI had formally gained a new search warrant related to The some 650,000 emails reportedly discovered on a laptop belonging to former Comgressman Anthony Weiner. With that news, came concerns that Clinton may be in renewed hot-water if any kind of classified information is found on those email drives — which have now formally been seized by the government in America. 

Here’s the rundown of what we know…

1.  How did Huma and Weiner get tied up in this?

An unrelated sexting a minor investigation resulted in the seizure of Anthony’s laptop which was believed to have carried 650,000 emails. Of those, it is currently unknown how many may carry Clinton related emails. Officials reportedly combing over Weiner’s laptop for the first investigation, stumbled upon the emails. 

2.  What emails were discovered?

Right now, that part remains almost unknown. Although sources close to the investigation and familiar with the warrant that spoke to The Daily News last night confirmed that it is believed that at least a handful of emails are pertinent to Clinton’s email investigation. 

3. Could these result in criminal charges for Secretary Clinton?

 As one of the most powerful women in the world, nobody’s quite sure if this will have any effect on Clinton. It’s become public knowledge in the past that Clinton has often attempted and sometimes even become successful  in using her name; influence, and money to wiggle her way out of political turmoil. 

4. What caused Comey’s sudden change of heart?

Nobody’s quite sure on this one either, but if we had to make a political assumption on this one — he bowed to partisan pressure from outside conservative groups and lawmakers in America . Otherwise, we’d have to safely guess there really is classified information inside this new trove of emails. View his entire letter, here.

5.   How does this change the polls?

Right now, Clinton still has a reported lead. Although analysts are still watching the polls to determine any significant changes.

6. When is the election?

Tuesday Nov 8th

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