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#JacobWohl is back already with more fake Twitter accounts

*WE literally just got wind of this account through a tipster in our e-mail.  The tipster is indeed credible, and, we were able to verify isn’t actually Jacob Wohl using someone else’s name. 

On Wednesday afternoon, The Daily News, was sent a tip regarding another fake social media account ran by right-wing nutjob Jacob Wohl. Wohl. now is using an account claiming that gays are backing Howard Schultz. Howard Schultz has not even announced a gay platform as of yet.

The tipster (see their Twitter link) also appears to have already posted numerous credible pieces of evidence to show that this is indeed Jacob Wohl. We have reported the following links from @GaysforSchultz to Twitter.

The evidence submitted to The Daily News. Earlier today as we reported, Jacob Wohl, was permanently banned from Twitter for threatening to sow discord and misinformation via fake accounts.

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