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The Notepad: M20 briefly closed over concerning man strolling down the highway, four schoolboys arrested over racial attacks, what’s on TV tonight, plus more top stories in the UK

Good day everyone and welcome to this edition of The Notepad the UK’s answer to Bazaar Express by Bazaar Daily. Cheers to a delightful Sunday to all.

  1. M2O was briefly closed over the weekend after a concerning man was found strolling down the busy highway.

Sky News reports that the reasoning for the closure of the highway has been revealed. Cops closed parts of the exchange after witnesses reportedly told police that a man with blood on his vest had been seen walking down the highway causing concern. It is not immediately clear why he had a bloodied vest.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

We’re watching The Great Chocolate Showdown on ITV tonight at seven.

3. Four teens have been arrested after racially charged attacks on schoolboy in Carlisle

Sad news today as an investigation remains underway following a heartbreaking video of a Black boy being abused by four white schoolboys in a racial attack. According to reports, Cumbria police have arrested four boys in connection to a video that saw the Black schoolboy being heavily taunted and later forced to kiss the shoes of others. Police according to The Guardian have confirmed that the case is being treated as a hate crime.

4. Making sense of the ongoing issues among conservatives who are threatening to oust Rishi Sunak from power. Ministers despite the claims claim that Sunak will lead the party to and through elections.

Ongoing efforts against Rishi Sunak appear to be coming to the forefront. Sky News reports that efforts to oust Sunak from power are simply rumors, however, there were indeed plots to oust him with a name even picked out to replace him. It comes after several gaffes on behalf of Sunak who has struggled to not only resonate with the public but, to hold onto power altogether.

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