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Shocking allegations of sexual assault in Brazil surface after influencer claims she was SA’d by fellow influencers at posh event

Grim details of an alleged sexual assault have surfaced on social media. According to reports, police are investigating after Geovana Pontes, 19, of Paraná, Brazil claimed she was the victim of a bizarre assault on a farm.

The Lowdown

Globo Brazil reports that the woman claims it all went down back in January after she was invited to an influencer event. Globo notes that the people woman maintains the crime took place with four men involved as others looked on.

In the same instance, Pontes claims she was provided a spiked drink at the event which left her confused and in an altered state of thinking.

“There were seven or eight and they started recording me in the pool, taking off my bikini,” she told the Brazilian news outlet.

“I was abused by four men. I believe they put something in the drink to make me different. There are things I don’t remember at all. Everyone drank and I was the only one left like that.”

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