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New sanctions on the way for Russia in wake of Navalny’s suspicious death in Arctic penal colony

U.S officials are preparing to hit Russia with a number of new sanctions over the death and alleged murder of Alexei Navalny. According to reports, officials made the announcement today just two years into what is Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine.

The Lowdown

National Security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters this afternoon that the United States and its treasury partners are seeking a substantial sanctions package against Russia. The package will target everything from those funding Russia from third countries; the central bank’s funds in Europe likely, and that of the defence sector further hampering Russia’s efforts to defeat Ukraine.

Navalny’s death comes on the heels of a violent murder discovered in Spain. According to reports, a Russia defector who defected to Ukraine last year was found dead today with several bullet wounds to his body and they ran him over with a car.

The man has been identified as Maksim Kuzminov who was found violently murdered in the port city of Alicante. It is the latest death at Russia’s doorstep amid the country’s terrifying crackdown on dissent.

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