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Washington is abuzz with claims that Russia is preparing to launch anti-satellite weapons into Space that may contain nuclear weapon capabilities here’s what you need to know

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Washington is abuzz this week amid reports and apparent confirmations that Vladamir Putin’s Russia is or has been developing anti-satellite weaponry that may or may not contain nuclear weapon capabilities. The Washington Post reports that the United States has denied that it can harm human beings, however, it is not fully understood at this time what the weapon is.

The Post also notes that some in the intelligence community including John Kirby claim that the apparent weapon is nuclear-armed not a nuclear weapon. However, Russia is believed to have expressed interest in a nuclear weapon in the past. On the other side of the pond European Planners are deeply concerned about the emerging reports of the anti-satellite weapons.

What does this mean?

So glad you asked. Above us in Space, there are an obscene number of satellites traveling around at speeds that would probably make heads spin. Those satellites power everything from GPS signals on iPhones to images on televisions. If Russia were to deploy such a weapon or item that allows them to tamper with these satellites — most of if not all of humanity would suffer the consequences communication-wise. American officials maintain that in its current state, the weapon is not believed to be designed to harm humans despite the alarms coming out of Washington.

We are following this report and will have more information as this story becomes public.

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