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More details have emerged in the sudden death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

Following the death of Navalny over the weekend at a remote Russian prison colony — new information is emerging about what may have happened. According to reports, a medical examiner has revealed that Navalny ‘s body was found to have bruises on it after his death.

The Lowdown

Novaya Gazeta Europe revealed that the body of Navalny had numerous bruises on it consistent with someone who had suffered cardiac arrest. The issue in Navalny ‘s death as many may know is that Russia isn’t saying how such happened just that Navalny reportedly died ‘following a walk.’ The same outlet reports that Navalny’s body was transferred to a clinical hospital rather than to the usual Forensic Service for a full autopsy.

Sources claimed to the outlet that doctors at
Salekhard District Clinical Hospital was outright banned from performing any autopsy on Navalny after realizing what was happening.

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