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New York’s ruling in Donald Trump’s fraud case is expected today and the fine is likely to be ginormous

Donald Trump is expected to learn his fate today in the ongoing fraud trial against him and his organization in New York. The case originally filed by Attorney General Letitia James seeks more than three hundred and seventy million dollars in fines plus a ban on any Trump organization doing business in the state.

The Lowdown

Another financial blow to Donald Trump’s orbit may be coming. According to the BBC, Trump is expected to learn the verdict in the case being overseen by Judge Engoron which will likely upend the family’s existence in the state. In this particular case, Trump will have to deposit the sum of the fine to avoid being fined or have assets seized. The case also would ban his sons from doing business in the state as they have also been accused of conspiracy and falsifying business records.

BBC also notes that if Engoron decides to hit the Trump ‘s with the fine interest dating back years likely will be added thus adding an even bigger sum to the already large sum. While a huge financial setback it is not certain that such would have a political setback for Trump as these things tend to enlighten his base rather than frighten them.

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