SECURITY SHOCKER: Chinese government officials claim to have illegally hacked Apple’s ‘Airdrop’ service proving it is NOT encrypted

A huge security shocker is emerging in China and we cannot stress this enough you need to read this immediately. According to reports, a pair of Chinese experts (in China experts are generally another word for government shills) have claimed that they managed to hack Apple ‘s Airdrop service.

This was not a hack to detect bugs according to numerous online social media posts. The report which appeared online via a notice from Beijing ‘s municipal government should concern everyone. Because if the Chinese truly have figured this out, there is nothing stopping other governments from following suit.

If you use this service during protests or for other private or not-so-private matters you should proceed with caution. They appear according to the report to be able to access the logs that are kept with these which reveal the phone numbers and e-mail addresses associated with ‘airdrops.’

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