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The Lowdown

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

Alright folks this one is not kid friendly so it’s best for after everybody goes to sleep. Over on Netflix we found this spicy Korean drama called My Demon about a super rich heiress who on her part is single and generally living her life until it becomes time to collect her rightful inheritance. Social and societal expectations including that of her family require her to get married or she will not get her money. The problem is that Prince Charming is well…. anything but picture perfect.

Rating: B+

Note: Contains references to violence; sex, and other things that may not be suitable for all audiences.

2. Israel ‘s request to have Arab countries foot the bill to rebuild Gaza has been denied

According to reports, UAE rulers have reportedly revealed to confidants that a request from Netanyahu to foot the bill to rebuild Gaza has been denied. This report suggests that the rulers of UAE and their fellow counterparts are blaming the response on the fact that they feel Israel should foot the bill since it is Israel ‘s war.

3. Checking in on the exploding migrant crisis along the U.S border

ICYMI – CBS reported this week that concessions may be on the way at the WH as the migrant issue continues to worsen. Migrants are being bussed to various cities and being forced to sleep in some strange places in the dead of winter making the crisis all that worse.

4. A shocking development in New York City has New Yorkers scratching their head.

In New York City, officials are under fire after displacing 2,000 students from a local high school so that migrants and arrivals could have a place to sleep. It comes after numerous problems arose at Floyd Bennett Field where someone was stabbed to death earlier this month over a woman. According to reports, the incident unfolded at a HS in Brooklyn where classes were suspended in favor of remote studies for Wednesday. It is the latest shocking misstep by NYC that threatens to cost ruling Democrats their power if they don’t contain the disaster before it contains them.

5. What the mass migration of so many people really says when you you strip away the political division and such that comes with it.

This is your weekly reminder that these things happen because of political division; intentional division sown by governments, poorly managed countries, and other circumstances that at some point make it impossible for people to live their lives. But many people have to remember that this is generally how governments stay in power ‘bad’ or ‘good.’

And finally… Chris Christie is out of the race..


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