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  1. New York ‘s new bill targeting fast food places inside of rest stops is catching heat.

According to Huff Post, New York is catching heat over a proposed piece of legislation that would require food places in rest stops to be open 7-days a week. One of those restaurants happens to be Chick-a-fila which is actually not open on Sundays and has never been open on Sundays. The bill seeks to change that to give travelers and more better options 7 days week rather than only some. South Carolina ‘s corrupt Senator Lindsey Graham (who aided and abetted efforts to overturn the 2020 election) has criticized the bill calling it ‘war.’

The most amusing part of this is that for whatever reason a Senator who does not represent New York City showed up in New York City and New Yorkers did what New Yorkers do best and well you just sort of have to see the picture [chuckle.]

2. Scientists are warning that the next mass extinction event is here.

The actions of humans and the greed that often follows can not be overstated. The consequence of this greed has led to human-created crises throughout the world. We’d like everyone to see what these scientists have to say because the very world and the ground we walk on depends on the action we as people take to save it before it burns to the ground.

3. What’s on TV tonight?

Family friendly tonight. Tonight we’re watching Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget with our families and the young ones (this is on Netflix.)

4. Pete Davidson has cancelled a string of appearances over ‘unforeseen circumstances’

Comedian Pete Davidson has announced that a ton of his upcoming appearances have been cancelled for unforeseen circumstances.

5. Iran is threatening to retaliate against the West and others for supporting Israel by making it difficult or nearly impossible to pass through the Mediterranean.\

Iranian General Mohammed Reza Naqdi is now threatening to ‘close’ the Med Sea over the ongoing war in Gaza that has killed scores of Palestinians.

According to reports, Iranian General Mohammed Reza Naqdi is now among those in the country threatening to further retaliate against those who are supporting Israel ‘s ongoing war inside the besieged Gaza strip. In the thinly veiled threat, Naqdi was quoted as stating

“The west and their allies shall soon await the closure of the Mediterranean Sea, [the Strait of] Gibraltar and other waterways,” Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards warned.’ ‘

Elsewhere in the Middle East, Iran is believed to be consistently involved in the attacks on ships and other vessels in the Red Sea in cahoots with the Houthi Rebels (which they also back.)

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