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By social virus, we mean a social virus and not an actual virus. A social virus is a term we use to describe essentially nationalism if you must. It is a term we use to describe the way Americans will turn on their neighbours in the name of racism; hatred, xenophobia, and so on. This time we’re talking about a form of white nationalism called Hindutva.

Hindutva is a form of nationalism if you must and originated in India whereas the movement seeks to make India as one may guess a Hindu dominant state (it isn’t.) The problem now is that the hateful movement is spreading in America and affecting our brothers and sisters and their families in North America. It is just as dangerous as its many other forms of nationalism including America’s own infamous and betrothed white nationalism.

The movement advocates for outright Hindu supremacy or essentially like other racist movements ‘or else.’ According to a religious scholar who asked to remain nameless for this article out of fear of receiving death threats, Hindu is not the movement itself. But the label Hindu can be categorized as a religious, political or racial identifier.

A brilliant article by Foreign Policy has laid out how the movement has gained international traction and is very similar to that of white nationalism (where white Americans turn on their Black or Brown counterparts in favour of their own supremacy.)

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