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Poland ‘s governmental border guard service has confirmed this afternoon that since the war began in Ukraine, some 29k people have fled into the country and been approved to cross by land. That number probably will continue to amass across Poland and other neighboring countries as Putin ‘s war crimes continue. It is unclear if western powers or NATO allies will be able to stop Putin before he encroaches further into Europe.

Elsewhere in the escalating conflict:

  1. Chinese banks and financial institutions have begun to comply with global sanctions against Russia

This means that Chinese banks (reports indicate about 3 large ones so far) have complied with the orders to stop doing business with Russia. Bloomberg News reports that Russian commodity purchases are being restricted by Chinese banks amid the escalating war. This is a turn of events for China who has long sought to avoid pissing off its most important strategic partner in its long-wagered rhetoric against the West.

2. Mr. Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, is in dire need of help to quite literally save his life.

According to reports, Putin has released Chechen kill squads into the country that apparently are armed with decks of cards with the names and faces of those who should be killed. It is understood that Zelensky and his family are among those on the cards. Zelensky ‘s exact whereabouts remain unknown though he has regularly kept Ukraine and the world up to date on the doings of Russia during the war.

3. Russia is still invading and gaining on Kyiv, however, Ukrainian forces are at least right now managing to fend off Putin ‘s killers.

As of Friday, Kyiv ‘s forces and the brave Ukrainians attempting to fend off Putin ‘s thugs have managed to stall Russia as they gain on Kyiv ‘s seat of government power. On Friday afternoon, it emerged that Ukraine has managed to take out and or fully destroy multiple Russian pieces of equipment; killed scores of Russian troops, and managed to infuriate Putin at the same time. Putin has since warned that he will allegedly use the mother of all bombs against Ukraine, signaling that the conflict could go completely left field and fast. It is unclear what type of bomb was allegedly threatened according to translated media reports out of Moscow.

4. Russia is still apparently planning to further invade Europe and that in itself is expected to set off what would become World War III.

While not confirmed because it is very difficult to sift through the misinformation campaign by Russia, it is widely understood that Putin ‘s ambitions reach far beyond Ukraine. The implications of this if Russia manages to overthrow Ukraine and proceed further into Europe are set to be some of the worst conflicts Europe has seen likely ever. Countries are understood to be readying their own responses; further sanctions, and NATO allies are readying troops surrounding allies that are bordering Ukraine. It is unclear when exactly Russia may attempt (if they do) to go further beyond Ukraine. We will be following this particular development if further war breaks out beyond Ukraine.

5. READERS ASK: How does NATO work and how does said NATO support its allies?

Article 5 of the NATO alliance pretty much lays the framework of what happens when an ally is under attack by a foreign power. This article states that member states are then required to respond and usually do so with great force. If this happens as it is expected to the response against Russia likely will bring down Vladamir Putin if he can be stopped before its entirely too late.

EDITORS NOTE: Some are calling for the detainment and arrest of Vladamir Putin along with his cronies. Though it is unclear if this is actually something that can happen as Putin is understood to be well protected and holed up around the Kremlin. It would be substantially difficult for foreign powers to enter Russia in an effort to detain the government.

6. Art curators and those tasked with protecting priceless Ukrainian artifacts are scrambling to get them out of the country.

Bazaar Daily spoke to two curators responsible for some of the country’s most notable artifacts and treasures who revealed that there are significant fears of these items being stolen by Russia. If they were to be stolen, the chances of the Kremlin returning them are slim to none. We are not going to identify of the country’s known curators out of respect for their safety.

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