Ohio ‘s Supreme Court has dismissed a case brought by the state in an effort to strip women of their right to an abortion

Republican efforts in Ohio to stop abortions have failed. According to reports, the state Supreme Court has decidedly dismissed the state’s efforts because voters already voted to enshrine the right into the state’s constitution.

Two cheers for the women of Ohio. According to reports, the state’s Supreme Court has dismissed an effort by the state to enforce an abortion ban. The enforcement of course can’t actually happen because voters beat Republicans to the punch and enshrined said right into their state constitution instead earlier this year.

In the ruling, it was cited that because there was simply a change in law that this was not something that could happen. The ruling is now headed back to the common court where several abortion clinics in the state have asked that particular Judge Jenkins to dismiss the ordeal entirely due to the fact that the people have spoken.

According to The Guardian, the state’s far-flung GOP leaders have acknowledged that it may be time to adhere to the will of the people instead of personal agendas.

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