House Republicans have voted to authorize an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden as many of their fishing expeditions fail to muster real evidence of wrongdoing

Ongoing ‘investigations’ by Republicans into the ‘wrongdoing’ of Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have so far turned up nothing substantial. But according to reports, Republicans nonetheless have authorized an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden that some predict may backfire bad for the GOP in 2024.

According to NBC News, an authorization of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden is underway in the House of Representatives. It is the latest example of a longshot fishing expedition by GOPers in an effort to rile up their far-right base.

As NBC notes, Rep James Comer (among those leading the inquiry) has failed to produce any concrete evidence to back up the claims that Hunter Biden and the Biden family (including President Biden) somehow engaged in shady business practices.

It follows Hunter Biden attempting to testify as asked to do in public instead of in a closed-door private hearing held by Republicans. Hunter has refused to do so in an effort to remain transparent about the entire ordeal, however, Republicans are entirely against the idea.

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