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Ex-Scottish leader arrested, questioned, and released in probe of National Party’s scandals and finances

Ex-Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon was arrested over the weekend and questioned in connection to police investigations into her party’s scandals and questions over its finances.

Trouble might be brewing in Scotland for one Nicola Sturgeon. Over the weekend, the former and fallen leader of Scotland was arrested and questioned in connection to an investigation over missing funds. Those funds of course are the $750k of campaign funds that nobody can seem to explain what it was spent on or where it went.

Officially, the investigation is known as Operation Benchform. Sturgeon did cooperate with police and her arrst comes two months after her husband Mr Murrel was arrested in connection to the investigation. He was not charged with a crime at the time. Reports indicate that Sturgeon knew she was goint to be arrested before it happened.

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