TV execs knew Russell Brand was an alleged sexual predator and tried to intentionally keep women offset as a result: Report

According to new reports following yesterday’s Channel 4 expose, several TV execs are now in the crosshairs of sexual assault and rape allegations. New reports suggest that TV execs who worked on shows where Brand was involved knew all along how perverted the claims say he is.

The joint investigation by the Times of London and Channel 4 initially made a series of shocking allegations that saw Brand accused of raping and sexually assaulting four women. In the same report, it has since been revealed that Brand’s behavior allegedly has long been known on projects he’s worked on over the years.

Some execs dating back to at least 2013 were so aware of his behavior that they suggested all women be taken off of the TV set on which it was proposed Brand work. During this time, a series of meetings took place where Brand’s behavior was brought up after he was suggested as a potential talent for TV work.

Brand has since been fired by his agent Tavistock Wood according to a separate report.

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