LI corrections officer accused of sexual assault on inmate in latest example of how NY ‘s jail system has gone off the deep end

Trouble in Long Island today after Suffolk County corrections officer Jason Middleton, 35, was arrested Friday by police on suspicion of sexually assaulting an inmate.

According to the area ‘s District Attorney’s office, Middleton allegedly forced an inmate to perform oral sex last year while working shifts at the Riverhead Correctional Facility. Middleton was arrested Friday in relation to the case.

The Lowdown

Between April 26 and Sept. 29 last year, it is alleged that Middleton was on shift at the time one particular night and escorted the inmate into an unusual area of jail where he knew ‘there would be a camera blindspot.” It is further claimed that the depraved pervert told the inmate at some point that if he ever disobeyed him he would intentionally put contraband in his cell so he’d get more charges.

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