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Bazaar First: Hamas is hoarding fuel like no other, Israel bombed a refugee camp again, Uber and Lyft have reached a settlement with New York, what’s on TV tonight plus more top headlines

Good morning and welcome to this edition of Bazaar First.

  1. Hamas is hoarding fuel so it can continue to fire rockets and power its underground city despite the fact that above ground local society is on the brink of collapse due to a fuel shortage.

According to NBC News, a mad scramble to get fuel into Gaza continues this week as a fuel shortage like no other looms. Above ground in places like hospitals and other areas, fuel has either run out or is very close to running out causing essential services to become impossible to provide. The death toll is expected to climb as the crisis continues. Some estimate that Hamas may have upwards of 200,000 gallons of fuel hidden in its underground city.

2. Israel reportedly bombed a refugee camp two days in a row… now comes the fierce backlash.

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3. What’s on TV tonight? Drum roll please…

A Haunting in Venice is now available on Hulu.

Rating: A

4. New York has reached an agreement with Uber and Lyft in the case that claimed the companies stole wages from their drivers over the course of several years.

In response to a previous lawsuit brought against the companies, a settlement has been reached in regards to the matter. On Thursday, it emerged that the state reached an agreement with the parties involved better suiting the financial needs of the thousands of people who operate on their platforms. The settlement also brings a number of new benefits for drivers in the state:

  1. Minimum wage.
  2. Paid sick leave.

The Lowdown

New York ‘s Letitia James began investigating the company back in 2014 after a complaint was made. At the time, the complaint involved both Lyft and Uber and that they had been cheating their drivers out of earned pay.

How they were allegedly doing it is the sketchy part though. According to the case, the companies were deducting things like sales tax from drivers pay when instead it should’ve been charged to the customer. As a result of the ruling, the companies will joint pay $328m to settle the case.

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