Court Report: New evidence in case against disgraced crypto king SBF reveals a who’s who was scheduled to meet him weeks before collapse

In the weeks ahead of FTX ‘s shocking and historic collapse, it appears its disgraced founder was up to a little more than previously known. According to new pieces of evidence, SBF ‘s calendar had an entire who’s who roster scheduled to meet him just weeks before everything fell apart.

The ongoing case against Sam Bankman-Fried continues to get interesting this week as prosecutors continue their case that he is nothing more than a fraudster. According to calendars shown during the latest hearing, SBF had everybody from New York ‘s Kathy Hochul to Eric Adams and other power players on his calendar for meetings.

All of these meetings were understood to be scheduled just weeks prior to the FTX collapse that later took place. At one point even former U.S President Bill Clinton was the calendar for meetings with SBF. News of the calendar meetings played an important role in Tuesday ‘s hearing during the testimony of FBI agent Richard Busick.

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