Exclusive: Sources claim Mississippi real estate agent Zacharia ‘Zakk’ Varughese is under ethics investigations following Bazaar Daily report

This is a Bazaar Daily exclusive report.

Original story: 4 May 2020

At the time of the original report, you can read here how we revealed that Varughese knowingly broke ethics rules in the state after foul names were used in a conversation with a woman online. In the conversation, Varughese referred to a woman as a bitch which is a violation of Article 10 of the ethics rules involved.

Varughese has falsely tried to claim we fabricated the images in the original story. Those screenshots came from his Facebook profile on his comment board.

Updated story:

On Monday, sources revealed a cache of new information regarding Varughese. According to those two sources, Varughese is currently under a number of investigations one for ethics violations and another involving alleged stolen funds from a brokerage firm.

In the shocking revelation, it is claimed that Varughese stole a significant sum from a brokerage he had an association with in recent times. The brokerage is understood to be taking him to task in an effort to retrieve the funds.

Varughese is still practicing real estate despite the ethics investigations. This is because during our original report we knew him as Zacharia Varughese, however, he now appears to be listed as Zakk Varughese according to public records and real estate records reviewed by Bazaar Daily.

Zacharia ‘Zakk’ Varughese is pictured

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