The Afternoon: Gaza evacuation deadline arrives, Republicans have nominated Jim Jordan as House speaker, NY is hunting the internet for terror threats, plus shocking video shows Hamas with abducted babies

Good afternoon everyone let’s get started.

  1. Gazans are now blocked once more from using state-approved routes to flee to the southern area of the strip.

The ‘deadline’ to flee the violence ended at 4pm local time. Gazans must now find another way out or manage to survive the violence. It is unclear if Israel will once more establish such routes in the future.

2. Jim Jordan has secured the nomination but there’s a problem.

According to reports, Jim Jordan is struggling to secure support among his own party members for the Speakers gavel. Several have suggested that Jordan ‘s support for Trump and his own past controversies may play a role in his struggle for support.

3. New York is hunting terrorists on the internet in wake of the attack on Israel.

Terror sleuths are watching you New York. According to reports, the NYPD has a ‘terror’ team scouring the internet for information that appears to indicate a credible threat against New York and New York City. The NYPD has increased its presence at religious organizations and other places of gathering also as a result of the war.

4. A shocking video appears to confirm at least in part claims that Hamas indeed had abducted babies in their possession.

A still from the newly released video indeed showing the group with kidnapped children. The fate of these children isn’t presently known.

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