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Democratic Senator Bob Menendez and his wife are now facing federal charges. According to the indictment, Menendez who previously was also charged with corruption but got away with it after a deadlocked jury set him free is facing the music this time around.

A new federal indictment out of the Southern District of New York against Senator Bob Menendez has emerged. The indictment, revealed on Friday, shows that Menendez has once again been accused of bribery and corruption. This time the Feds have accused the indicted Senator of colluding with three New Jersey businessmen and his own wife Nadine Menendez.

What did they do?

As the story goes, Menendez was caught this time in a scheme involving 3 businessmen. They are Fred Daibes; Wael Hana, the founder of a New Jersey halal meat business and an associate of Mrs. Menendez; and New Jersey businessman Jose Uribe.

The same indictment alleges the duo also aided Egypt in its quest against the United States. They also received a car; payments towards their mortgages, and other lavish gifts. Menendez was described as a traitor to his country.

Menendez is specifically accused along with his wife of accepting nearly $400,000 worth of gold bars in exchange for helping Daibes evade bank fraud charges.

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