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In America they shoot first and ask questions later

Gun violence continues this week in America amid reports another wild act of lawless gun violence has occurred. This time in North Carolina police say a man is wanted after firing at a young girl and her parents after her basketball rolled into his yard.

Kinsley White was wounded along with her mother Ashley Hilderbrand and father William White. The shooting occurred shortly after 8pm in Gaston County on Tuesday.

Police say the suspect has been identified as Robert Louis Singletary. Singletary, 24, remains on the lam and is wanted on numerous charges which include at least four counts of attempted murder.

This follows the incident where a Black teenager was shot by a white homeowner for knocking on the wrong door. His name is Ralph Yarl.

It also follows Kaylin Gillis from New York who was gunned down after a homeowner fired up her car after she and her friends pulled into the wrong driveway.

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