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Article pitches are something that we absolutely appreciate and we love the often very interesting pieces and stories we’ve read over the years. In this guide, we’re going to explore how to pitch your articles to this newspaper correctly. We strive to keep this process fair so people are not allowed to pitch their articles directly to SHK for obvious reasons.

  1. Articles must be in complete form.

Typically, we request articles be written in English as we have an automatic translation service available on this website to allow people to read the article who may need it in another language. We also have an accessibility function on the top right side of this screen to make things accessible for everyone.

2. Articles promoting medical products or services are subject to additional requirements.

As many people are aware, a previous ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority found that anyone with more than 30k followers regardless of the medium has a set of rules they have to follow.

3. Opinion pieces must be clearly labelled and contain the following disclosure that it is an opinion piece and the opinion presented is not endorsed by Bazaar Daily News or its affiliates.

4. Unsubstantiated pieces containing references to hateful material including but not limited to someone’s race, ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender identity, socioeconomic background, or any of the related categories are strictly prohibited. These topics can be discussed, however, our platform will not become a platform that hosts hate.

5. Our readers have spoken loudly and clearly and political advertisements of any kind will remain banned. They have been banned for several years, however, we did recently conduct an internal poll and found that our readers would like them to remain banned for good. Politically charged pieces must be purely informative and will be thoroughly fact-checked. Hit pieces; leaks, nasty advertisements, or misleading commercials (etc) will remain off limits.

6. Understandably and we are struggling to understand why we have to point this out but here it goes. If you are not a medical doctor with verifiable credentials you should not be submitting to us a piece let’s say about vaccinations. That’s all we’re going to say but most should get it.

7. Any and all claims made in a piece must be able to pass verification.

The submitting processes explained

For clarification, articles are not read nor seen by SHK. Articles are sent from customer service to the editorial and then for final approval. Articles are not seen by SHK unless they are from a specific account or are flagged for further review.

  1. Articles should be submitted using the contact us. Send us an email with your pitch and we will respond allowing you to send us the file.
  2. Articles must be in PDF or similar format.
  3. Once delivered, please allow up to 3-5 days for a response. From there, once submitted to editorial this is a generally quick process.
  4. Assuming the article passes verification checks and is not flagged for review, the article will then move to editorial queue for publication.

5. We truly appreciate your interest in allowing us to share your story. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll publish every article sent to us, we look forward to seeing the fascinating stories people have to share with us.

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