5 biggest takeaways from Donald Trump ‘s GA indictment that has former Prez and perpetual criminal experiencing a volcanic level meltdown on Truth Social

Donald Trump ‘s indictment in Georgia has finally dropped and by a mile or two it is one of his most serious yet. In it, Trump has been charged with at least 13 charges including a violation of Georgia ‘s infamous RICO law (which is notorious for usually nailing criminals.)

  1. Donald Trump and his co-conspirators have 10 days to turn themselves in.

According to the indictment, the parties involved have 10 calendar days to turn themselves into the state of Georgia. As we mentioned before, because this is a state case Trump would not be able to pardon himself if he were to win nor would he be able to have someone else do it. The deadline is noon on 25 August according to the District Attorney’s office.

2. All 19 charged will be tried together according to the D.A Fani Willis

At a press conference following the announcement, Willis confirmed that she intends to try them all together rather than separately. The trial according to the same office may begin within the next six months if proposals to do so are accepted by a judge.

3. Donald Trump is experiencing a volcanic-level meltdown on Truth Social as a result of this indictment.

4. Trump had lots of help as the old saying goes ‘it takes a village

As expected the indictment revealed at least 18 others that were all in Trump ‘s inner circle that aided him in his crimes. Many of his allies including Rudy; that crazy Kraken lawyer lady, and numerous others were all named in the indictment (we covered that here.)

5. The indictment expands far beyond Georgia.

“The enterprise operated in Fulton County, Georgia, elsewhere in the State of Georgia, in other states, including, but not limited to, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and in the District of Columbia,” the indictment reads according to our own review of the long document.

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