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There’s something everybody and we mean everybody needs to see in America and before you click this prepare yourself

The story of a young 7th grader is attracting attention online not because of an accomplishment in school but because she has fallen prey to the conservative led efforts to outlaw abortion and maternal care across the United States.

Editors note: This story was so hard to publish initially we struggled to find an editor willing to do it. Reading beyond this point may be immensely triggering for some. Viewer discretion is extremely advised.

Ashley ‘s story was laid out in a remarkable piece of journalism first by Time magazine. What should’ve been a flourishing young girl’s life instead was turned upside down by extremely limited access to maternal and abortion care. In Mississippi, there are no such places for care with the nearest to Ashley ‘s location reportedly in Chicago.

Her story paints a dark tale about the state of America a place in which has for a long time allowed these things to happen, however, thanks to conservatives America is now on a crash course for such to become common. According to Time Magazine, Ashley was sexually assaulted outside of her Mississippi home although when it happened she did not understand what happened — nor what would come next because of what happened.

In the beginning, nobody knew she was pregnant until they did. Two days before Time appears to have spoken to Ashley ‘s family for the story, she gave birth to a baby boy a 7th grade girl lt that sink in gave birth to a baby boy. She was forced to carry a baby to term because her family could not afford the impossible journey made mandatory by bad social policy by conservatives.

This story can be viewed in full by reading it in Time Magazine (no paywall.)

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