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Rewind: Nice save Ohio, SCOTUS allows regs on ghost guns, another shark attack in NY, plus Tory Lanez fall from grace is underway

The day’s rewind is here:

  1. Canadian rapper Tory lanez is going to jail for 10 years for shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez career is effectively over. Yesterday, he was sentenced to ten years in jail for his role in the shooting that led to Megan Thee Stalllion ‘s foot injury. Lanez had attempted to get out of jail in a last ditch effort under the guise of alcohoism.

2. Iraq is going full far-right in a wide-ranging internet crackdown.

Iraqi officials have announced that telco and internet companies are now legally required to change words like ‘homosexuality’ to ‘sexual deviance’ on the internet. It is the latest example of a government sparking fear and sowing misinformation among its citizens in an effort to erase the LGBTQ+ community.

3. Ohio voters firmly rejected a Republican effort to strip residents of the further ability to help along adding constitution amendments to the state’s record.

People of Ohio have spoken. In a ballot measure yesterday, Ohio residents declined a GOP effort to make it extensively more harder to add constitutional amendments to the state’s constitution. GOPers had hoped to use this as means to essentially block things like abortion however residents weren’t having that.

4. The Supreme Court has temporarily sided with the White House on the issue of ghost guns

One would think that something that sounds like somthing straight out of a video game would be hard to obtain but surprise in the United States they’re not. As a result of this, a recent case before the Supreme Court has been decided and ghost gun regulations will stand at least for now.

[Story] On Wednesday morning, it was revealed that Dianne Feinstein, 90, the oldest member of Congress was once again hospitalized this time for a falal. According to reports, Feinstein wwas released and has since returned home though questions still remain about her fitness to remain.

[Story] If you are in Maui or the area under all circumstances listen to local officials. These wildfires are no joke. And please do not forget your furry friends grab them and go.

5. August in New York is probably usually the best time to go to New York ‘s version of a beach. However, a recent spat of shark sightings in the area and now a major attack have prompted warnings. According to reports, a woman was viciously attacked by a shark which left her in critical condition. Beaches in the New York City area are now closed as a result of this attack. IN recent times, sharks have begun making several appearances in ordinarily shark free waters across the region.

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