About Face: Florida now says AP Psychology can be taught in full after suggesting it would be banned

Florida has completely done a 360 amid widespread backlash over its attempt to water down yet another major subject in education. Earlier this week, Florida sought to bar students from taking AP Psychology over the fact it contains references to sexuality and gender.

Following attempts by Florida ‘s Board of Education to once again hijack education in the state, the state has since did an entire about face following intense backlash. That backlash of course over its now second attempt to control the narrative around education in the state often limiting what students can and cannot see.

This time, however, people fought back and they fought back hard. According to the Guardian, the board of education has now reversed its efforts to ban the subject and instead will allow the course to be studied in full. The decision came after College Board itself refused to back down and edit the course acknowledging that it shouldn’t have done so in the last dust-up with the state either.

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