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Happy Monday everyone grab that latte and lets get the day in the U.S started.

  1. Donald Trump has denied allegations that he tampered with security footage as charges against him continue to mount.

Donald Trump is facing serious accusations that he along with an accomplice conspired to delete security footage from Mar-a-Lago that otherwise would’ve shown the alleged classified document saga in action. According to the case against him, federal prosecutors allege that Trump ordered a Mar-a-Lago employee to erase footage and then pretty much lied about it. The employee Carlos De Oliveira has also been charged in connection to the alleged deletion of the security footage. Meanwhile, Trump is expected to be charged out of GA soon following reports that Fulton County DA Fani Willis has completed her probe into his unlawful activities. We will be closely following the developments out of Georgia this week.

2. US Rapper Cardi B evidently is not the person people should ‘try.’

American rapper and performer Cardi B was on stage over the weekend. That was until a fan abruptly threw a drink at her and she responded by throwing her physical microphone at them. We found the video on Tik Tok btw.

3. Following a series of drone attacks in Russia, Ukraine now says the war is ‘returning’ to Russian soil

A series of drone attacks throughout Russia have left many wondering what’s next for Ukraine as it appears they’re gaining steam on Russia.

4. AI is scouring the coastlines of the UK to keep boats and migrants out but it isn’t stopping them from dying.

In a massively failed operation, a series of drones among other equipment with AI abilities have been deployed to UK shores to keep migrants out. Ironically, even with eyes on the water, the government has largely failed to stop people from dying while trying to keep them out. We’ll get deeper into this in the UK version of this newsletter later today.

5. Video of the week courtesy of Cardi B and Offset.

WARNING: This music video is not suitable for all audiences.

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