Colombian police have arrested Nicolás Petro, the president’s son in a wide-ranging money laundering investigation shocking country

A troubling political crisis is unfolding in Colombia. According to reports, Nicolás Petro has been arrested in connection to alleged payments and wire transfers that he otherwise should not have received. Cops allege these transpired during last year’s election campaign which ran afoul of the law.

But how they discovered the alleged wrongdoing actually sounds like something straight out of a Netflix movie. According to Colombian media reports, Petro ‘s ex-wife Daysuris del Carmen Vasquez is actually the reason Petro was arrested after she revealed a series of financial confessions that caught the eyes of authorities. Police say that Vasquez revealed in an interview a while back that she was previously present during a series of meetings where her husband illegally arranged a payment of 600m pesos (about $150,000) during the Presidential campaign of his father. Petro on his part denies the allegations.

Vasquez also revealed in the interview that to her knowledge the President himself was completely unaware of the payments. Arresting information also shows that the President ‘s son is being questioned over claims that he kept large sums of this payment in a safe inside the couple’s home in Barranquilla.

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