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Hungary ‘s PM is ready to risk it all and the health of his own country so long as it means he can discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community

Hungary remains locked in a bitter dispute with Brussels over how the country currently and intends to keep treating the LGBTQ+ community inside the country. Earlier this year, as a result of Hungary ‘s refusal to treat the community equally the country has had numerous EU funds suspended.

Homophobic dictator Viktor Orban is once again making headlines against the backdrop of economic uncertainty and turmoil in his own country. This time the embattled leader told reporters that Brussels is ‘staging an LGBTQ+ offensive’ in an effort to maintain its federalist ideologies. Orban claims that Europe is essentially forcing its ideologies on everyone, although, officials are actually referencing the fact that Hungary is a member of the Bloc — and as such Bloc members are required to abide by European policy and laws.

Orban maintains that his ‘nationalist government’ will do what it takes to protect its Christian roots despite warnings from Europe that it is in numerous violations of the law.

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