In bizarre rant, far-right mouthpiece Charlie Kirk says Michelle Obama and others ‘take spots belonging to white people

Charlie Kirk the infamous far-right personality that believes Black people ‘don’t have what it takes on their own’ has made it very clear that he still believes just that. In a set of shocking comments on a podcast, Kirk claimed that some of the most distinguished Black women in recent history ‘lacked the brain power’ to make it there on their own.

“Three weeks ago, if we would’ve said that Joy Reid; Michelle Obama, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Ketanji Brown Jackson were only successful entirely because of AA Kirk said Thursday on his talk show.

“But now they’re coming out and they’re saying it for us,” the far-right commentator continued. “They’re coming out and they’re saying, ‘I’m only here because of affirmative action.’ Yeah, we know. You do not have the brain processing power to otherwise be taken really seriously.”

He continued: “You had to go steal a white person’s slot to go be taken somewhat seriously.”

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