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Hollywood has officially shut down. For the first time since 1960, Hollywood stars and their union have united with the larger writers strike to take on studio unfairness.

Let’s make something clear folks. This strike is about ensuring fair pay for those who help bring your favourite shows to life. Despite common misconception, not all of these people are wealthy who work in TV writing and show-business.

According to reports, more than 12k writers and their colleagues are all on strike demanding better working conditions and fair pay.

Interestingly, they’re also demanding protections from artificial intelligence which poses an emerging threat to many kinds of creative work. None of these demands were met during crunch talks therefore triggering a strike.

SAG-AFTRA which represents the bulk of Hollywood has more than 160,000 actors and actresses. SAG and WGA have both agreed to formally begin the strike as of today.

Now for the bad news. Films like Disney’s Lion King sequel and that of Avatar are set to be affected by the strike. The anticipated and generally well received fall TV lineup is also set to be affected.

It is not clear how long the strike will go on, however, Hollywood and its star power appear to be in it for the long run.

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