New laws go into effect across America today here are a few you should probably know about

A cache of new laws across the United States have taken flight as of today. In this rundown, we’re going to explore some of these laws that people should absolutely be aware of. As always, if you’re among those affected and traveling through some of these places caution should be exercised.

  1. South Dakota’s ban on gender-affirming care goes into play today.

South Dakota’s new law banning gender-affirming care and all things that go along with such care are now banned. Providers who provide such services run the risk of losing their license fines or worse. This applies to minors.

2. Georgia

Similar to South Dakota, gender-affirming care across the board for minors is now banned. Providers who provide such services are subject to losing their licenses. Several families have filed a lawsuit against the ban which remains ongoing.

3. Tennesee (with a twist)

Tennesee has enacted almost identical laws meaning gender-affirming care for minors is now banned except there’s an exception. A federal judge allowed the ban on gender-affirming surgery to go into play, however, access to puberty blockers and hormone therapies remains accessible.

4. Florida (brace yourselves)

First up: pronouns

Teachers faculty and students are now banned from using pronouns of their choice. The new law requires schools to affirm that ‘biological sex is an immutable trait.’ The same law also bans the teaching(s) of gender identity and anything related to sexual orientation.

Bathroom bans

Elsewhere in the same law, LGBTQ+ folks are now banned from using the bathroom in government buildings that align with their gender identity. This applies to prisons; public universities, and government buildings.

Abortion bans (we’re so sorry to the women affected by these)

North Carolina

North Carolina has cleared the way for a major abortion ban. On Friday, a federal judge cleared the last hurdle for the state’s 12-week abortion ban to come into play. The law does provide exceptions in the case of rape or incest through 20 weeks of pregnancy or in the event of a “life-limiting anomaly” through 24 weeks it reads.


An attempted ban on medication abortion pills is on hold pending the outcome of ongoing legal action.

Something else about Florida….. keep reading

Employers with more than 25 employees are now required to you guessed it check the immigration status of their workers. Failure to do so employers run the risk of losing their license to operate.

Elsewhere in Florida… folks no longer need a permit to carry a concealed gun in public. Travelers from out of state should exercise caution in Florida and avoid altercations or confrontations where possible.

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