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Youtube star Colleen Ballinger who built her platform almost entirely marketed to children has been accused of grooming some of those very children. In sensational accusations, minor children have now come forward revealing that Ballinger has been up to no good.

So here’s what happened. According to Huff Post, Ballinger ‘s fans say that she has for several years now been having inappropriate relationships with a number of them. HP managed to get its hands on private communications between Ballinger and a number of her fans, many of which, exposed a Ballinger that is not at all what she portrays herself to be in public.

In many of those messages it was revealed that Ballinger not only body shames other people but she also bad mouths other fans. The unidentified victims who spoke to HP revealed the communications for the first time after the allegations first surfaced on social media. Some of those fans also claim that the online personality ‘violated’ them and ‘made them very uncomfortable’ when she would talk about sex in those communications and her own past romantic relationships.

For those that aren’t hip to who she is — Ballinger is known online as Miranda Sings. Miranda Sings is an online character created by Ballinger that is primarily marketed towards children. She has built a platform of more than 20m followers as a result of this character. The extent of this platform has now fallen into question following the allegations made by those who were previously children.

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