In startling case, 6 people have been charged with trafficking human remains from Harvard’s morgue

Harvard Medical School is finding itself in the news for literally the one reason one probably never imagined it would be. According to cops, the morgue’s former manager stands accused of essentially hawking off cadavers and human remains.

Yes you are reading that correctly.

Authorities say Cedric Lodge, 55, was fired from his job last month as manager of the morgue. According to a federal indictment against him, he was fired after officials at the medical school discovered missing cadaver and human remains including but not limited too: brains.

Lodge’s unusual and frightening scheme took place between 2018 and 2022 according to the same federal indictment. Prosecutors also allege that his wife Denise Lodge also helped along the operation.

Human remains were also purchased by Joshua Taylor, 46, of Pennsylvania, and Mathew Lampi, 52, of Minnesota, authorities said among several others. Another woman Katrina Maclean, 44 who runs a macabre doll store in Massachusetts was also charged in the case.

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