BLM ‘s former leader Patrisse Cullors dropped from TV and book deal amid groups ‘s ongoing financial crisis

Former BLM leader Patrisse Cullors (that’s the lady who went on that infamous real estate shopping spree) is once again back in the headlines. According to reports, she has lost her TV and book deal following a series of very public blunders and controversies.

Despite having previously claimed to have numerous types of projects in the works BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors apparently didn’t. According to reports, Cullors was actually dropped from her previously often-mentioned TV and book deal she claimed to have. The news of course comes amid scrutiny that the group including Cullors abused their access to BLM funds. Many ‘executives’ and close and personal friends of Cullors took million-dollar paydays or more.

Reports suggest that Cullors was actually dropped back in October of last year. It is understood that none of Cullors’ projects actually came to be in reality.

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