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Con artist who duped JPMorgan into investing in her business has pleaded not guilty to defrauding the bank out of $175m

Formerly hailed in publications like Forbes 30 under 30 and Craines 40 Under 40, Javice was apparently nothing more than a fraudster. The entrepreneur is facing down charges of wire and bank fraud including numerous others.

Charlie Javice aka the woman behind a once-hailed service called Frank has proclaimed her innocence. Javice is facing down the barrel of accusations that she defrauded the bank after they had initially expressed interest in her project. Frank, as claimed by Javice, was a college service meant to simplify many application processes including that of the cumbersome task of applying for financial aid.

Javice had initially claimed to the bank that she had about 4.25m subscribers to her college service when in reality that number was actually about 300,000. The deal closed in 2021 and was later shuttered all together after the bank found the fraud after nobody responded to marketing mailers by e-mail.

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